Optimum Budgeting for Bottlenecks – OBB

The resources available at the disposal of the foundation are rather limited to begin with, and may not measure up to the material demand of the sector. The strength of the foundation is defined by the powerful intent of Wheels Global Foundation and Niswarth foundation, and their generosity that has reflected in substantial endowments. The overall approach would be driven by “Optimum Budgeting for Bottlenecks – OBB”. The emphasis would be solely on providing technical support rather than asset creation. To fulfil this intent, the foundation proposes a multipronged approach under following themes


  • Evidence based advocacy for policy influencing, which will include coverage evaluations and impact assessments leading to set of recommendations for remedy
  • Incubation of innovative technologies and methods for their implementation through industry and market integration
  • Service delivery – Grounding and establishing suitable solutions for bringing positive transformation in lives of rural and urban communities, with an emphasis on reaching the unreached or under served, as part of inclusive programming
  • Expanding the WIN foundation network as a contemporary learning and hands-on delivery centre for the sector challenges in parent contexts, at IIT Bombay and others in India. The network of WIN and IITs would also extend support to similar institutional networks like NITs and teaching learning centres of repute